Atlas Copco celebrates success in Romania

LUM12 integrated into Böllhoff automatic system - Photo: Atlas Copco

In today’s global environment, increasing work productivity is one of the main ways to improve competitiveness. That is how state-of-the-art Atlas Copco tools helped Assa Abloy’s Romanian manufacturing plant leap ahead.

PSwedish Assa Abloy is a world leader in locking systems and provides a full range of door equipment. Its broad product range includes electromechanical and electrical systems, from door openers to industrial and furniture locks that meet the most exacting safety standards.

Higher productivity, fewer workers
Assa Abloy’s modern plant in Romania opened in 2007 and makes standard key locks. The management of the plant turned to Romanian specialists from Atlas Copco with a request to optimize assembly of some standard key locks.

Before the new system was installed, workers had to tighten six screws manually using a pneumatic screwdriver. It was a time-consuming process that required inserting the screws by hand into the right threaded holes and tightening each of them with a pneumatic screwdriver.

Representatives from the Assa Abloy plant in Romania wanted significant productivity improvements. That finally happened through an automatic system from the Böllhoff company, which integrated Atlas Copco pneumatic screwdriver. The resulting 15% increase in productivity allowed staffing to be reduced by about 30%.

Atlas Copco replaced manual assembly of key locks with an automatic assembly station that includes a system from Böllhoff that is equipped with a screw feeder. Thanks to this system, workers now only assemble the necessary parts of the key locks, and the automatic system handles the screw joints, including inserting the screws into the right threads and tightening them. The new system even monitors the number of products assembled, which contributes to optimal production control.

Straight pneumatic screwdriver LUM - Photo: Atlas Copco

The same screwdriver,
but different 

The Böllhoff system operating in Assa Abloy’s Romanian plant uses the LUM12 PR3 straight pneumatic screwdriver with shut-off clutch, push-to-start function and reverse button. Assa Abloy had obtained these tools previously for the original assembly method.

In making key locks, Assa Abloy needs the screws to be properly tightened, but there is no need for extremely high precision, so LUM pneumatic screwdrivers are proper tools for such application. As previously mentioned, the main motive for an automatic solution was increased productivity.

Pleasant to operate
The LUM screwdrivers offered by Atlas Copco have a fast, precise shut-off clutch for smooth performance and high-quality tightening.

Its other advantages include outstanding work ergonomics, because it is a compact, low-weight tool. The fast-working shut-off clutch also minimizes reaction torque, which workers appreciate when tightening screws manually. 

The LUM 12 PR3 is a straight screwdriver with push-to-start function and provides a torque range for soft joints from 0.4 Nm to 3.2 Nm. The tool is easy to handle because of its low weight of 0.55 kg and its compact length of 195 mm. This pneumatic screwdriver consumes only 4.5 litres of air per second at free speed which is set to 1,000 r/min.

Strong partner for tailor-made solutions
To increase customer competitive advantage by finding optimal solution led Atlas Copco into close cooperation with strategic partner. Böllhoff is a specialist in the development of innovative and high quality advanced fastening technology, as soon as the proper assembly systems. They cover all major markets through international network of subsidiaries, agents and production facilities. The variety of solutions for metallic and synthetic materials including blind rivet technology, thread technology, plastic joining technology and quick locking technologies makes them a good strategic partner for innovative enterprise.

The way productivity was optimized at the Assa Abloy plant in Romania shows Atlas Copco’s flexible approach, which allows solutions tailored specifically for the client.


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