Preventive maintenance helps Visteon Hungary save costs

Tools Calibration - Photo: Atlas Copco

An Atlas Copco fix price preventive maintenance contract has brought Visteon’s plant in Hungary much lower repair costs, and a lot of other advantages.

In Székesfehérvár, Hungary, Visteon operates a plant producing inter alia compressors for passenger car air conditioning systems. On its production line, Visteon uses ETX42 and ETX50 tools from Atlas Copco.

Fixtured nutrunners ETX are designed to combine durability and reliability with high performance. 1 million duty cycles with +/- 2.5% accuracy makes ETX one of the most reliable tools on the market. ETX nutrunners are compact and easy to integrate in fixtures or robots.

Practical experience shows that regular preventive maintenance yields much better results, therefore Atlas Copco’s service department offered the Hungarian Visteon plant’s management a service contract for preventive maintenance. This allows regular maintenance at lower cost, because thoroughly caring for tools extends their life. It also lowers the failure rate and minimizes unwanted production downtime due to unexpected repairs. Atlas Copco adapted the service contract precisely to the needs of the Hungarian plant. Current fix price preventive maintenance is based on set up torque and number of tightenings. This value is tracked by the customer and after specified number of tightenings the tool is sent for preventive maintenance.

Tool maintenance can be performed right in the customer’s plant or outside the company. A combination of both is also possible. Customers can estimate the potential savings from signing a service contract by using a special operating expense calculator.

The preventive maintenance program is based on actual tool use. It also gives customers the security of fixed annual expenses, which makes it easier to control the maintenance budget. 

For precision manufacturing and ensuring permanently high-quality joints, a regular tool calibration check is needed. However, maintenance also means correct lubrication of all gears and inspection of seals, whose damage causes lubricant to leak. Generally, tests of assembly tools before and after preventive maintenance prove its effectiveness. For a functional pulse tool, for example, the average tightening time can drop by half after preventive maintenance. It would be also reflected in reduced compressed air consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Are you interested in saving money on maintenance? Feel free to contact us. We can easily calculate your potential savings if you opt for a service contract.


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