Let us optimize your process

Production optimization - Photo: Atlas Copco

Tightening technique is a complex subject with high quality requirements. Even small failures in the tightening process can cause immense high costs. But small and simple investment can also avoid a lot of trouble and needle s expenses.

One of service core competences is production optimization. Production Optimization helps you to improve productivity in your existing assembly, or in your new production project. 

The focus remains on quality and efficiency from concept/R&D through to full production. While bolted joint issues are the common denominator, there are many other factors involved.

For Example: A customer assembling compressors for air conditioning systems had a high reject rate during the final test for helium leakages. The total invests for this test was EUR 800,000/year.

The application, consisting of several joints, was audited by Production Optimization experts. During the audit some failures in sequencing and therefore relaxation issues were detected.

Production Optimization experts developed and introduced an improved tightening sequence and a new process using the existing robot fixtured nutrunner.

After installing the improved tightening process the reject rate dropped to zero. The EUR 800,000 helium leakage test is no longer necessary since the process control ensures 100% OK tightening results.


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