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LMS 8 series - Photo: Atlas Copco

LMS8 Series impact wrenches – raw power
for heavy industry

The LMS8-series impact wrenches deliver true raw power and enable extremely fast tightening and loosening. The innovative and unique Grease Retaining System (GRS) ensures maximum tool performance with long service intervals. For an impact wrench, the LMS8 also has extraordinarily low vibration levels. Once you have experienced the feel and great performance of the LMS8 there is no substitute.

Due to the new patented GRS system LMS 8 has improved performance, durability and service aspect.

MT Focus 400 with ETD M 20 - Photo: Atlas Copco

MT Focus 400 – boosting your quality and productivity
The new, user friendly MT Focus 400 screwdriver system is easy to set up and use, bringing precision and quality to your tightening. The smart Auto-set functionality makes it possible to set torque directly from the front of the controller.

The system provides clear operator feedback, with an intuitive display and buzzer providing visual and audio signals for tightening status. Torque and angle control ensure that assembly problems are detected and eliminated for full quality control.

PFD 1500 – new drilling solution for aerospace
Atlas Copco PFD 1500 is a positive feed right angle drill suitable for drilling critical and close tolerance holes of medium to large diameters. This drill can be used in multiple applications in aircraft assembly but is particularly useful in stacked materials and in assembling structural parts such as the fuselage, wing box, wing box assembly, pylon, landing gear and the rudder. The drill is approved for use in all materials typically found in aerospace manufacturing such as titanium, CFRP, aluminum and Inconel®. 

Atlas Copco PFD 1500 - Photo: Atlas Copco

Features & benefits
Governed air motor provides unchanging power level, even under load – this significantly reduces cycle time
Double needle bearings for both feed- and drive-gears ensure outstanding service life
The modular concept allows quick setup, configuration and maintenance
The overload clutch ensures safe operation
The rapid advance option reduces cycle time
The small radius of the angle head allows the tool to be used in the most confined spaces around an airplane
The integrated air logic controls the tool with an easily accesible set of buttons
Low air consumption reduces energy costs

More information on www.atlascopco.com.

TLS – Tool Location System – A “GPS” for your tools

The Tool Location System is like a small-scale GPS. Instead of having satellites you have sensors that monitor your plant. Assets, products and/or tools, can be located by placing tags on them. Using ultra wideband (UWB) radio frequency technology, TLS delivers reliable asset location up to 50 cm.

After installation of the Atlas Copco Tool Location System it will pay for itself in an impressively short time.

How? By providing effective operator guidance, thus reducing reworking and scrapping, and by increasing individual operator productivity, thereby speeding up production.

And these are just some of the benefits.

See complete product range of industrial power tools in online product catalogue following www.atlascopco.com/products.

Apart from product specification you can also find there brochures and leaflets, spare parts, product documentation, such as dimensional drawnings and product instructions. Visit links and downloads to get more details. 

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Material removal tools news 
LS12: Great product for jobs in cramped spaces where accessibility is critical
With the introduction of the 12-series of die grinders we now have an attractive alternative for light and medium duty applications in aerospace and metal fabrication with high requirements on accessibility. New series offer a lightweight and compact tool that will allow operators to access the tightest of spaces with ease, yet they are powerful enough to maintain efficiency and productivity.

Modular angle drill LBV16 M032 - Photo: Atlas Copco

LBV16M: Modular drill designed with operator ergonomics in focus
The handle is made to give a comfortable grip without any sharp edges. The changing of angle heads is also designed to be fast and with an assuring feeling when the quick change mechanism engage. The LBV16M is based on the standard angle drill, the LBV16. It features the same powerful motor, high quality angle head and light and compact design. LBV16M is a reliable partner in ever changing drilling applications. 



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