Tensor ES and Power Focus 600: A one-two punch

At Atlas Copco, sustainable productivity isn’t just a cute corporate slogan. It is a daily reality at demanding industrial plants all over the world, and it works to customers’ satisfaction. 

An excellent example of an innovative product is the new, intelligent Tensor ES electric nutrunner, together with the Power Focus 600 control unit. Together they allow fast, easy torque settings.

The Tensor ES nutrunner is designed so as to allow customers the simplest possible transformation from pneumatic to electric tools while maintaining high productivity. This trend is motivated by significant energy savings. For the customer, this means not only an improved environmental record, but lower production costs.

Easier operation
The whole system is composed of a Power Focus 600 control unit, an intelligent application module (IAM), a Tensor ES nutrunner, a Tensor ES cable, and other possible equipment.

The heart of the system is the Power Focus 600 control unit. It is a simple interface with a user-friendly colour display, a 4.3” diagonal display, and a clearly arranged keyboard. Productivity is increased by a high-performance processor. The Power Focus 600’s single hardware version replaces 11 different predecessors. The new unit is 45% smaller and weighs 10% less than its forerunners.

The system’s brain is the IAM module, where the software, configuration, results and events are stored. For example, the IAM Joint Control monitors for correct tightening and can detect the most common problems that occur during assembly. IAM Station Control takes tightening to a new level, because it offers multiple settings (16), connection of accessories, and remote access.

Power Focus 600 and Tensor ES - Photo: Atlas Copco

Tightening rises to a higher level
The Tensor ES tool is the operator´s extended arm. Depending on the model, the electric motor’s RPM is 20% to 60% higher. The tool’s closed, airtight design increases its durability, and its rubber surface allows a pleasant, ergonomically correct grip. The LEDs that signal the tightening conditions can be seen from any location.

Modular design and the use of common components have allowed significantly lower overall cost and has made maintenance and repairs easier. The overall product line includes 17 different models with torque up to 100 Nm.

The system consists of a Power Focus 600 control unit and Tensor ES nutrunner and is compatible with the entire range of Atlas Copco accessories. The most common include stacklights, extension modules, control panels and barcode scanners. 

Fast and precise production
Labadis, French trolley producer, is one company that has chosen the combination of a Power Focus 600 control unit and a Tensor ES nutrunner. They are joined by the US-based Yamaha Golf-Car Company, German household appliance manufacturer B/S/H, the Swedish company BT Trucks, which makes handling vehicles, and others.

Labadis was looking for an optimal solution for mounting a trolley’s fourth wheel. This assembly step calls for tightening four nuts on each wheel, which, multiplied by 200 trolleys a day, comes to 3,200 tightening operations. The minimum torque is 7 Nm, and the maximum is 12 Nm. In addition to the quality of the tightening, work speed also played a role, and the cycle was not to take more than 40 seconds. Existing technical solutions were unsatisfactory both for quality reasons, and from the productivity point of view, i.e. the quality of working conditions.

Tensor ES - Photo: Atlas Copco

Based on the customer’s request, Atlas Copco delivered a solution based on the ETD ES21-12-I06-PS tool controlled by a Power Focus 600 control unit. Under the TurboTight strategy, target torque was specified at 7 Nm. The result was faster, more precise production, where tightening 16 screw joints takes 35 seconds. There is less noise in the workplace, lower energy consumption, and the expensive compressed air lines could be eliminated.

For minibuses and trailers, too
Indian automotive producer Mahindra & Mahindra has also chosen to move from a pneumatic system to an electric one. Since November of last year, they have been using an Atlas Copco solution for installing seatbelts into Mahindra Maxximo minibuses. Five screws in each vehicle are tightened to 41 Nm. Each day’s production of 320 vehicles requires 1,600 tightening operations. The solution installed includes an ETD ES61-50-10 tool with a Power Focus 600 control unit and a Quickstep tightening strategy. The Mahindra company has also achieved lower cost and higher quality.

The Schmitz Cargobull semi and trailer plant has gone with a new solution involving a Power Focus 600 control unit and an ETV ES61-100-10 tool. It significantly reduces operating costs, because service intervals have been lengthened to 250,000 tightening operations. Their previous tools required cooling, and maintenance had to be performed every two days. Even with thousands of tightening operations a day, maintenance now comes only once every 250 days.


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