Explore the amazing and breath-taking Atlas Copco Mine with us

The Mine
Photo: Atlas Copco

Few people are aware that there is a mine in Stockholm. The mine has been in operation since 1938 and is located under the Sickla shopping center, 10 minutes from Stockholm. Winding, underground galleries and a mining setting that breathes Atlas Copco history await you.

The Atlas Copco Mine is a test mine for developing and quality testing company products. No minerals and metals have ever been extracted here.

The mine has two levels. At 20 meters you will find multiple exhibitions and an auditorium built in 1998 that can accommodate 90 visitors. Atlas Copco products are tested
at 40 meters.

Construction of the mine begins. The initial idea was to use the space as a shelter.

The Swedish method
Photo: Atlas Copco

During World War II, Atlas Copco develops the „Swedish method“ which spreads as
the most productive solution in drilling techniques of its time. Rock drills are fitted with a pneumatic pusher leg and can now be handled by one operator instead of two. During the development project, test drilling increases and the mine grows.




In connection with Atlas Copco´s 100th anniversary, a hydraulic rock dril machine is launched. Activities in the mine are intense before the launch.

Production of all rock drill machines and underground drilling rigs moves to Örebro.

Atlas Copco celebrates its 125th anniversary and inaugurates the auditorium The Atlas Copco Hall.

The Hall
Photo: Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco expands the mine and builds a new entrance. Visitors can now take the elevator from the Atlas Copco building’s reception directly down to the mine

The mine is a popular venue for conferences and customer meetings. Atlas Copco products are still tested at 40 meters. On an average, one drilling rig a week is transported from Örebro to Stockholm for test drilling.

The Atlas Copco Hall
The auditorium, The Atlas Copco Hall, was inaugurated when Atlas Copco celebrated its 125th anniversary in June 1998.

The Atlas Copco Hall is used as a media viewing room for conferences and other meeting. It can accommodate 90 guests.

The facility is equipped with modern audio-visual equipment.



Did you know that….

Combined, the galleries measure a total of three kilometers in length.
The rock is a mix of gneiss and granite, an extremely hard and dense rock.
The mine maintains a constant temperature of between 12 and 15°C regardless of the season.
The rock is homogenous – or massive – which means that the rock does not crack when drilled.
Two full-time employees work in the mine.
The mine is occasionally used as a filming site for television and movie productions. 
     Scenes for such movies as Joe Hill (1971) and Beck (1997) were shot here.


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